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Visit Purpose

This article is part of our tutorial about how to get the most from your Emolytics report. We will go through each chart visible in the “Visit Purpose” section of your Emolytics report.

Visit purpose category gives you detailed information about the purpose of customers visit.

Here is the list of insights you can find:

User Visit Purpose

This chart presents the visit purposes of your users. Those data come from the question “What is the purpose of your visit?”

Emoscore by Visit Purpose

This chart helps you find the general emotional state of your audience in function of their visit purpose. It helps answers the question “How am I doing with my target audience?”

You should score a high Emoscore with the visit purpose of your visitors/users.

If they come on your website for a specific reason, they must achieve their goals easily.

In this example, the first graph says that users come to your website for 3 main reasons: find information, discovering and search for products or prices. Two of them have a good Emoscore while the last one, search for product and price is below the average Emoscore. In other words, users coming on your website to find a product or a price doesn’t appreciate the experience.

Visit purpose by referrer type

This charts shows you the goals searched by marketing channel in number of votes or percent.

Visit purpose by device type

This charts shows you the goals searched by devices in number of votes or percent.

Emoscore by visit purpose and referrer

This matrix view helps you visualize which traffic source and visit purpose perform high or low in terms of Emoscore.

The greener the color, the higher the Emoscore. Mousing over each cell allows you to view specific data such as total respondents.

N.B. Some referral category might not be detected and therefore the sample size might differ from the global sample size. When no answer has been collected, boxes are empty.

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