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User Origins

This article is part of our tutorial about how to get the most from your Emolytics report. We will go through each chart visible in the “User Origins” section of your Emolytics report.

User Origins give information about where your customers come from in terms of marketing channels, devices and URL.

Here is the list of insights you can find:

Device use

This graph shows the type of device used to access the website expressed in %. This pie chart also express the type of device used to vote.

This shows were voters/visitors come from in term of traffic source. The number of voters follows the same proportion that visitors.


This chart helps you figure out emotions by marketing channel. Often, people use different referrer channels with different intent: it might be crucial to know what referral channel to optimize, and where to focus your communication.

With the filter above, you can see the proportions of voters and all visitors. Voters by channel usually correspond to the proportion of all visitors.

Device proportion by emotion

This chart helps you figure out emotions by device. People have different experience depending on their support. It might be crucial to know what device to optimize.

Referrer URL

This shows the list of URL from which voters/visitors are coming with the total number of visits and the mean Emoscore per URL.

This map also shows where do your customers come from on the world map.

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