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This article is part of our tutorial about how to get the most from your Emolytics report. We will go through each chart visible in the “Open-Field” section of your Emolytics report.

Open-field category let customers freely express and venture points of improvement.

Here is the list of insights you can find:

Emotion distribution of voters having filled the open-field

This chart helps you to put in perspective the data collected. For less ‘user-friendly’ question’s screens, such as the “open-field”, users with negative emotions are often overrepresented.


This table exposes the company to users’ messages. From irritated to excited users, they have the opportunity to give feedback and/or recommendation. Both positive and negative feedback can be good advice for your business.

You can see on which page the comment is left. Therefore, if you notice a redundant error you can correct it right away.

In this example, there was an issue in the payment process. With Emolytics, they noticed it directly. Otherwise they would have wait until somebody complain by email or high basket abandonment rate.

Bad comments could be turned into good practice and good advices.

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