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Report – Predefined Qualitative Feedback

Predefined Qualitative Feedback (or deep feedback)

This article is part of our tutorial about how to get the most from your Emolytics report. We will go through each chart visible in the “Deep Feedback” section of your Emolytics report.

Predefined Qualitative Feedback brings accurate items to justify emotions.



Here is the list of insights you can find:


This chart shows the items selected by the voters when asked why they expressed a specific emotion on the survey module. The more voters select an item, the more it will be on the right side. With this question, the most positive and most negative feedbacks become visible.

Feedback are pre-selected by the company in order to focus on specific points (content, experience, layout, email …).

Depending on previous questions in your set, you will access age information.

Positive & Negative Feedback

This table divide the positive and negative feedbacks and give details about the number of occurrence of a qualitative feedback on specific page.

If a page collects many positive feedback, keep going on and try to apply it to other pages. On the other hand, try to correct negative feedbacks by improving bad quality pages.

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