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Brand Equity

This article is part of our tutorial about how to get the most from your Emolytics report. We will go through each chart visible in the “Brand Equity” section of your Emolytics report.

According to Ph. Kotler: “Brand equity is the added value endowed on products and services. It may be reflected in the way consumers think, feel, and act with respect to the brand, as well as in the prices, market share, and profitability the brand commands for the firm. »

Brand Equity category gives you an overview of your brand value and brand awareness.

Here is the list of insights you can find:

Brand equity analysis

This question includes 4 sub-question based on brand equity.


This first chart summarizes the mean score for each question. The closer to 5, the best value you brand benefits

The first question helps you to visualize your brand awareness and the impact of other and previous campaigns. This question can be used during a campaign and analyze the impact of it on the brand awareness.

The second one gives you information about your segmentation. Do you match customer needs?

The third one gives you information about the perceived value of your offer.

The last one is quite similar to NPS in order to recommend the brand to someone else.

Customers and users give answer to these four questions which means that you really know what your customers think. If you perform law in one of these questions, you have to work on your strategy.

Detailed brand equity analysis


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