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This page present all Emolytics’ features recently made available for you based on your feedback

Last edited The 26th of October 2017 (form the most recent to the older one)

  • Trigger on exit : It’s possible to make appears the survey once your customers intent to exit your website’s page (i.e. when he leaves the page with his mouse). 

You can activate this option by going on your Dashboard , click on “configure” and choose “customize the widget”, in “Show advanced options” select “Activate surveys on exit intent”.



  • Embedded widget : You can add the widget everywhere on your website, right insie  your content (e.g. at the bottom of a blog post, next to a product description, etc.).

You can activate this option by going on your Dashboard, click on “configure” and choose “customize the widget”, in “Show advanced options” select “Activate survey as an Embedded Survey”. Now you can follow the instruction by clicking on “Installation Instructions”.

  • Change your channel and update the emotional question: You can edit the emotional question following your channel. For instance “how do you feel about this…” blog, email, restaurant, shop, experience, etc.

You can activate this option by going on your Dashboard , click on “configure” and choose “customize the widget”, in “Show advanced options” choose your channel among those proposed in “Configure the first emotional question”.

  • Multilingual dashboard, reporting & xls : In addition to your dashboard, your report and his export as XLS file can be viewed in 3 language : French, Dutch and English.

To translate the page, just edit the language at the top right of your page 

  • Back-end for point of sales and for event : Emolytics works for point of sale and in event. This feature is only activated for specific customers. Please contact us if you’re interested.

  • Advanced filter : You can filter your data by any kind of answer to a question. For instance: filter by visit purpose, Brand equity or even based on your own custom question.

Just go on your report, click on “More filters” and choose the filter of your choice in”Add filter”

  • Custom question : You can create your own questions for your website, your emails, your point of sales or your event. You can choose between Multiple choice question, Scales, Open fields, a Yes/No/Maybe question or an Email-gathering question (in this last question you ask the email address of the respondent. Of course, this question is an opt-in and can be skipped by the respondent). Plus, our first question-“How do you feel about….” – is now entirely customizable. You have also the possibility to import standard questions to custom ones in order to edit it. Finally, you are able to order the questions according to your preferences.

click here for more information

  • Absolute value & relative values in select type charts : In your report you can choose, for most of the charts, to display your data in percent or based on the number of votes to have a better comprehension of the results.

Above report’s charts, you can choose votes or percent to display these.







  • XlS export : It’s possible to export your data on your own computer  as XLS file (for Microsoft Excel, for instance) with pre-generated charts, based on your needs, and share them with your colleagues.

Click on “Export & Share” just below your report’s title


  • Filter the IP addresses : In order to avoid inducing biases in your survey results, or to reduce the impact of your own teams (or even competitors) visits, you can exclude some IP addresses from Emolytics’ surveys

You can filter your IP addesses by going on your Dashboard , click on “configure”, show the advanced options and choose “Filter IP Addresses”.


To select those questions, edit your survey questions by going on your Dashboard , click on “configure” and choose “Edit Survey Flow”. Then Add the questions of your choice.

  • Description tag in regards to a given website : When adding a new website or a new survey, you can add a short description tag to remember what it is about or to ease the comprehension for your colleagues.

Just Click on “Add a description” when you add your website

  • We published several new product pages :
  • Emolytics for emails : you can easily integrate Emolytics inside your email communication.
  • – Emolytics for retail : Surveys shows up when connecting to WIFI (>15% of WIFI users answer the surveys). Also available through QR code, flyers, receipt CTA, etc. Allows real-time stats and monitoring for your stores.
    – Emolytics for HR : Emolytics gives you the means to continuously measure your employees’ satisfaction and allows you to take actions rapidly to improve your employees’ satisfaction.
  • – Emolytics for event : It allows you to have direct feedback from your audience during seminars, trade show, business events, etc through Wifi access.
    – Emolytics for Ads : Ask your customers in real time what they are thinking about your new ad campaign.
  • For more question, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Direct link to access a report section : If you don’t want to spend your time searching for a particular section of you report, we neither. We have split your report in different sections in accordance with your questions.

Here is a sample of section. You would find them in the left bar of your report

  • New management tool for email campaigns, event, retail and ads : Every options of your tool is available for any channel of your choice (website, emails, event, retail or ad).

  • Edit survey : You can edit your survey whenever you feel to. You can save your changes for later or choose to publish them right away. The changes are being made directly and the data is constantly being updated, so you can evaluate you changes and the quality of interactions with your customers at all time and in all places.

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