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How to read my Emolytics report?


Emolytics offers automated market research based on emotions. Once data are collected through the different survey modules (on website, in emails, at events or in stores), Emolytics’ customers can access their data in the form of an automated report available 24/7 and online. The data is injected in those reports in real time (even if some data can take up to 30 minutes to appear) and allows to make informed decisions quickly and according to customer feedback.

These data reports have been designed to make them as easy to read as possible. The reporting automatically adapts itself to the questions defined by the client and their needs. A quick and succinct analysis is then possible, as well as a detailed study of the results and their impact on your business.
The data reports are obviously exportable at any time in XLS format.

Question categories

By default, Emolytics offers several “out-of-the-box” surveys ready to use to gather insights on a business. We will describe each kind of reporting screen in the following series of articles. There are many more dimensions you could investigate with Emolytics, but the following sections cover the types of reporting you would get for those other dimensions.

Here is the list of reporting section you might want to learn how to read:

Custom questions reporting

You can of course ask Custom Questions with Emolytics. Those custom questions’ results are then computed and available in your online reporting as other standardized questions: the corresponding data visualization is based on the same models as existing and ready-to-use question sets. Therefore, and in order to understand how to read the custom question reports, you might want to take a look to our description of the following 5 categories of custom questions and report sections based on the same structure:


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