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How to customize the survey module?

This video will explain you how to customize quickly your survey module.

– Login on your account, then select “configure” tab of the website you want work on.

– Select “customize the widget”. Notice that no change will appear on your website until you save it.

– First of all, you have the opportunity to select between 33 languages. Then, you can choose the classical wheel design or the flat B2B design. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to select the color of your survey module up to the accurate pantone. Depending on your design, you can modify the position of your survey (either on the left side or on the right side).

-You also have the opportunity to configure the delay before appearance. Either immediately, after 30 seconds, 1 minute or you can customize time. It is exactly the same feature with appearance of the survey module.

– You can go deeper with customization in advanced options (Set your own questions and the first emotional one, activate surveys on exit intent, Authorize only one vote per visitor,…)

– When your survey module is customized, save it.

Now you can start measuring emotions.


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