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How to create custom question with Emolytics ?


With Emolytics you can measure emotions.

This video will explain you how to create a custom question.

Log in on your account. When you are logged in, select “configure” of the website you want to add your personalized question.
After that, press create custom questions. Then, click on the button to create custom question

– First of all, you should give a name to your custom question. For example, “visit purpose”. It’s possible to choose an icon related to your question. These name and icon will be used in your report to identify the collected data.

As you’ll see, you can create 5 types of custom questions:

The 1st one is: Multiple choice answers 

Type your custom question as well as the available answers. Feel free to add more responses or delete some when necessary.
Check how your question will display on your survey module at any time.
In addition, settings are available:
Randomize the appearance order of your answers.
Add the “other” option in your answers if necessary.

The 2nd one is: Range answers   

Type your custom question and select your scale by establishing your maximum and your minimum with the specific label.
Check how your question will display on your survey module.
In the settings you can select how you want your resulting score to be computed in your report.

The 3rd one is: open field answer 

Type your custom question and let your customer freely express.
By default, the maximum number of character is 140 in order to focus on customer’s answer. You can choose up to 1,000 characters.
Test the display of your question on the survey module.

The 4th one is: yes, or no answer 

You just have to type your dichotomous question. The only available answers are Yes and No.
Check how your question displays in the survey module.
In the setting, you can complete the answer with the « maybe » option. 

The last one is the email question 

In this question you ask the email address of the respondent.
Of course, this question is an opt-in and can be skipped by the respondent.
In all the previous answer type, after typing your questions and answer, you will select in which language you wrote the question.

When your question is ready, save it.

Your question will appear in your list of custom question. Don’t forget to translate it when it’s necessary.
From here, you can activate your custom question on your website.

Add a question

Straight after the standard library of questions, you can see your custom question and simply choose the one you want to ask.

When your survey flow is ready. Save it.


That’s it! Your custom question is now available and activated on your website.


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