How to connect Klipfolio.com with Emolytics API

In order to display your data on www.klipfolio.com, just follow the following instruction. Of course, before going any further, you need to have an account on both Emolytics and Klipfolio.


  1. Navigate to `Library`
  2. Click on `Create new data source`
  3. Click on `Rest/Url` core connectors
  4. You will now have to chose the data you want to access with klipfolio. Just check the documentation page http://www.emolytics.com/apidoc/index.html and chose the right “API route”, as it is called technically. For instance, if you want to have the positivity data, chose the route “https://www.emolytics.com/api/v1/report/positivity-tab“. Then, you should add the folloing text at the end of the URL: “?access_token=[auth_token]” (without the ” symbol). You should have entered something like
    https://www.emolytics.com/api/v1/report/positivity-tab?access_token=[auth_token] to get the positivity informations
    or, to get the list of websites, you would have entered: https://www.emolytics.com/api/v1/catalog/websites?access_token=[auth_token]&channel-website
  5. Select `Data type:` –> `JSON`
  6. Select `Data method:` –> `POST`
  7. Click on `Authentication (OAuth, 2-Step, X-WSSE, or Basic)`.
  8. Select from the list `2-Step Authentification`
  9. Enter your account email address as `Username`
  10. Enter your API key as `Password` (you’ll find it on the page https://www.emolytics.com/main/api-access-keys.php)
  11. As `Response` keep the default value `TEXT` (It is, currently, the best supported method by klipfolio.com for 2-step case authorization)
  12. Select `Method:` –> `POST`
  13. In `Auth url:` field, fill ‘https://www.emolytics.com/api/v1/token?client_id=[username]&client_secret=[password]&response_type=token’
  14. Input in `Token path:` the value “access_token”:”(.*?)”
  15. In field `Logout method:` select –> `POST`
  16. In field `Logout url:` input ‘https://www.emolytics.com/api/v1/logout?access_token=[auth_token]’

That’s it :). Now your data can be collected by klipfolio.com to display them in your shared dashboard.

Should you want to revoke the access to your data, just remove your API key in the https://www.emolytics.com/main/api-access-keys.php page.

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