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How can I integrate the Emolytics in my email campaigns?

Emolytics widget allows you to measure your email campaigns. In order to do that your email campaign should include personal tracking code. There is no limit for the e-mail campaigns you can collect data from.

– Log in on your account. Once you are logged in, select email campaigns on the left side. Here will be listed all your going email surveys, which we also call email campaigns. Then, add an email campaign.

– Give a name to your email campaign e.g.,“My newsletter #1”. Select the channel your are going to send your email campaign to. Either with a webmail provider like Gmail, Yahoo and so on OR with a marketing email service like MailChimp, Mailjet etc. Depending on your situation, you will get a simple visual code or a HTML code (In both case, you are able to select the language of your campaign and automatically translate it).

– At this point, you can save and insert the code in your campaign later or do it right now by following the instructions. If you want to insert directly: Click on the button « click here », copy and paste where it should appear on your final email. Go back on Emolytics and do not forget to save your email campaign.

Now, your campaign is ready and you can start collecting emotions!

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