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How can I create conditions to hide/show my questions?

This can easily be done through routing.

To configure conditional routing of your survey:

– Navigate to channel configuration page
– Choose to “Configure survey flow”
– Go to the question you want to create conditions on.
– Right of the question you want to configure conditions of visibility click on routing icon
– In Modal Dialog select “Action” for current question
– Show – Question would be shown only if it meets next conditions
– Hide – Question would be hidden only if it meets next conditions
– Click on “Add condition”
– Select question from drop-down (Only questions that are before current are in the list)
– Select/Input value for selected question

If you want you can multiple conditions on 1 question

– Click on “Add condition”
– Select an operator (“And” or “Or”) to add additional logic
– Click on Save to store your configurations

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