Getting started

Getting started with Emolytics

Emolytics is an automated market research based on emotions. Follow these five first steps to understand how Emolytics brings value to your website:


Step 1: Create your account on and install the survey module on your website.

Add a unlimited number of website on your profile and install the survey on it thanks to the instructions in the “install the widget” tab.


Step 2: Custom your survey module

You have the opportunity to customize your survey module (language, design, colors, position, delay before appearance, number of appearance and even more options in show advanced options).


Step 3: Edit your survey flow

While the first question brings always empathy, you are free to select the following questions. Do not forget that the survey module is up to 5 questions, in order to maximize the response rate. A standard library of questions covering more than 30 dimensions is available (KPIs, socio-demographic…). In addition to this valuable library, you have the chance to create your own custom questions depending on your specific needs. Furthermore, you can adapt the standard questions to match it with your business.


Step 4: Analyze the results on your dashboard

Data collected is available in real time 24/7 on your dashboard. Reports are automated and give you an overview of the results with crosstabs, charts, pie charts… Moreover, you can filter your data depending on specific targets (age, gender, visit purpose…). You can share the report access with your team by providing different role. Export data already designed is another feature of the reports.


Step 5: Improve your content and offer thanks to feedback.

Listening customers’ feedback is key for your business. Therefore, it is crucial to implement improvement. Furthermore, settle KPIs and goals to reach and keep improving them.


Step 4 and 5 are loops that should be repeated continuously!


Email feedback: Emolytics surveys are also available for email campaigns or newsletters. It allows a company to get feedback from the users about the content and their feelings. Either you only ask one question concerning their feelings or you can add standard or custom questions on a specific landing page.



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