Choose Emolytics questions sequence which works best for you

You can create your own questions for your website, your emails, your point of sales or your event. You can choose between Multiple choice question, Scales, Open fields, a Yes/No/Maybe question or an Email-gathering question (in this last question you ask the email address of the respondent. Of course, this question is an opt-in and can be skipped by the respondent). Plus, our first question-“How do you feel about….” – is now entirely customizable. You have also the possibility to import standard questions to custom ones in order to edit it. Finally, you are able to order the questions according to your preferences.


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Edit the emotional question following your channel. For instance “how do you feel about this…” blog, email, restaurant, shop, experience, etc.



You can activate this option by going on your Dashboard , click on “configure” and choose “customize the widget”, in “Show advanced options” choose your channel among those proposed in “Configure the first emotional question”.


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