General Questions

How can I register to the Emolytics?

In order to register to the Emolytics, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Once the subscription is approved, Emolytics will send you a Plug-in Code to activate the Services and other consultation data to Emolytics, for you to be processed and analysed. The activation of this Plug-in Code does not involve any modification of your computer configuration; however, you may have to include several lines of code required by the website. The data collected are directly transmitted to Emolytics’ server and do not transit via yours installations.

Why emotions?

Results from years of scientific research show that emotions have a major influence on memory, which later leads to actions. Emolytics widget captures your visitors’ emotions and gives you qualitative feedback. Based on it you can make informed decisions for your business.


This is the reason why we tend to start our surveys with the question: How do you feel?

How to install the Emolytics code on my site?

Once you registered, you received a code to insert on your website.
The code looks like this:

<script type=”text/javascript”>var getsmily_id=”YourUniqueID”;(function(d){var gs=d.createElement(“script”);var gsf=d.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0];gs.async=1;gs.src=””;gsf.parentNode.insertBefore(gs,gsf);})(document);</script>

It is up to you to insert this code into the header of each webpage of your website.

You also have the possibility to send an automated email to your webmaster with the code if you don’t feel at ease with coding.

The video below might help you too.

How does Emolytics differ from traditional analytics?

We bridge the gap between real human emotions and hard web analytics data. Our ultimate feedback tool provides new approach to measuring the quality of the interactions between your company and your customers through the Emoscore based on your customers’ emotions.

Are my collected data secure?

Always, you are the exclusive owner of  your data. We simply help you collect it and use it in insightful ways. The information collected are confidential to each of our customer. You can export it and use to create benefit for your business. We make sure it is stored and secured with the highest security standards.

How often are my reports generated?

Your data are constantly updated and by that are enriching your report which you can generate any time and download in Excel file. To make your busy life easier we send you a weekly summary email with your Emoscore and your website’s performance versus the benchmark.

Define brand equity value

Sometimes you feel wandering in darkness because you are not sure what your brand really is?  What does it better than competition? What cannot be easily imitated?

No worries,  you are safe with us as we know how to do it. We created Brand Equity module based on Keller’s Pyramid to invest your communications budget is  in the right place and help you establish your most precious value. You will not loose your money anymore as all 100% of your interactions will be monetized.

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