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How to make the survey appear in simulation

Here are the steps to start the survey on a site “in simulation”.

1. Go to the web page where you want to view the survey.

2. Right click on the page, and select “inspect item”.

3. The development panel is displayed. Then click on the “console” tab.

4. From there, simply copy / paste into the console the JavaScript code that you normally have to install in the HTML of your site, taking care to remove <script type = “text / javascript”> tags and </ script>. This piece of code can be found at (under “configure” then “insert on my website”). You can also, if you know your Emolytics ID (available in this same page “install on my website”) copy / paste directly the following code, taking care to modify the EmolyticsID (instead of “REPLACE_YOUR_EMOLYTICS_ID_HERE”):

var getsmily_id = “REPLACE_YOUR_EMOLYTICS_ID_HERE”; (function (d) {var gs = d.createElement (“script”); var gsf = d.getElementsByTagName (“script”) [0]; gs.async = 1; gs.src = “”;gsf.parentNode.insertBefore(gs,gsf);})(document);

5. After copying / pasting this into the console, press “enter”, and the survey should load as it should according to your configuration.

6. Beware that, since the survey is sometimes configured to appear only every 3-5 sessions, or no longer appear after a vote, it’s advisable, if the survey does not start, to do all these operations in a private browser window, or in another browser.

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